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George Hospital has treated 256 COVID-19 patients since the start of the pandemic, according to a statement by the Western Cape Health Department.

Two of these patients are Madelain Ntenetyana and Annestien Botha who both spent a few nights in Ward A1 due to complications of COVID-19.

Thirty-three-year old Madelain Ntenetyana from George started feeling ill at work and thought it was a cold. She called in sick for work for a few days and her symptoms got worse so she decided to visit her local clinic where she was tested for COVID-19 and sent to hospital. She had difficulty breathing and had no appetite. Madelain says she felt better after three days in hospital and was transferred to PetroSA West Camp for 9 days to complete her isolation period.

“I am grateful for all the staff in the ward and would like to thank them for everything they did for me. I also want to thank especially Nurse Gary Michaels at PetroSA West Camp for his caring attitude while I was there," she said. 

Madelain is now fully recovered and would like to call on the public to take COVID seriously as this is an experience she doesn’t want to repeat.

Annestien Botha (33), a nurse from a private hospital in George, felt extremely tired and had a high temperature. She went to the testing unit at George Hospital where she was tested and admitted to hospital. She was on oxygen for the first night and started feeling better. Being a health professional herself she was impressed with the service received at George Hospital. “ Staff were great, especially the doctors. I could see they have a plan here. I was treated with care and not someone who has an infectious disease where some staff might feel scared to be near you," she said.

Annestien contracted the virus from her daughter and after being discharged after two days they both isolated together at home. 

“It is easy to contract the virus so people should take care of themselves and follow the guidelines such as wearing a mask and social distancing," she said.

Annestien Botha

Community Testing and Screening
The approach to active Covid-19 case finding within the rural areas remain that of community testing and screening with a focus on people > 55 years and those with high risk (people with co-morbidities). To date 149 051 people have been screened of whom 1305 have been referred for testing.

The department said there are currently 136 COVID-19 patients in public and private hospitals of whom 21 are in high care or ICU.

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